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Our Approach

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There are 3 components we will evaluate:

Structure Component

Your Spine

Neurological Component

Your Nervous System

Metabolic Component

Your Metabolic Health

By evaluating all areas one of our practitioners will be able to uncover your individual approach back to health and healing.

Upper Cervical Care

Upper cervical care focuses on the upper portion of the neck, the atlas and axis, where every nerve passes through to connect the brain to every cell, tissue, organ and muscle in the entire body. This type of care focuses on removing interference from the nervous system, allowing for optimal communication between the brain and body. Pain, numbness, tingling, tight muscles, illnesses and disease are common with an abnormal functioning nervous system but are not normal. It also reduces the body’s ability to heal and adapt to its surroundings. At Restoring L.I.F.E., we are most concerned with optimizing the body’s ability to overcome the obstacles life throws at us.

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Nutrition Assessment

Dr. Lindsey is a chiropractor and a certified in functional medicine practitioner. She has been working with many clients over the past 4 years to help lead them towards health. She specifically works with women with possible thyroid or hormonal imbalances to help find the root cause of their health issues. Many present with fatigue, weight gain, brain fog and many other symptoms. If you are interested in learning more, click the button below.

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