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Meet Our Team

Our Mission is to serve you and your loved ones by removing nerve interference to achieve a life of optimal   health and wellbeing in order to thrive and live out God’s purpose
Our Vision is to empower our community by helping people LIVE a healthy life, INSPIRE others in the community, FOCUS on helping others achieve their goals, and EMPOWER those around us by providing chiropractic care.

Dr. Lindsey Linne


- Dr. Lindsey grew up in Schnellville, IN and attended Northeast Dubois. She was a healthy child who has been adjusted since she was a child. She attended the University of Southern Indiana and obtained her Bachelors in Exercise Science. She worked at Gilkey Chiropractic as a chiropractic assistant and Exercise therapist. She also worked at Riecker Chiropractic as a Chiropractic assistant, which enticed her to be able to serve her community as a doctor of chiropractic. She saw the miracles that walked in and out of the office, which truly inspired her to be able to assist in the healing power of the body. Dr. Lindsey attended Logan University. Throughout her schooling, Dr. Lindsey received regular chiropractic care. She suffered from dizziness and vertigo throughout her first year in school. After several typical chiropractic adjustments, she saw little relief. After being introduced to Dr. Weller, an Upper Cervical doctor in St. Louis, she immediately received relief. Upper Cervical care has changed her life and has allowed her to function more optimally. Dr. Linne obtained her Doctorate of Chiropractic in April of 2019. She is extremely excited to serve her community and help others function more optimally, and being able to fulfill God’s purpose here on Earth. She enjoys spending time with her husband Alex and son Hudson as well as her friends and family. She also enjoys running in her spare time.

Dr. Alex Linne


• Graduated in 2009 from JHS
• Was involved in soccer, wrestling, and baseball throughout school
• Graduated in 2013 from OCU
• B.A. in elementary education
• Was an assistant at 10th St. Elementary school for the 2013-2014 school year
• Worked construction 2014-2015
• Graduated in 2019 from Logan University
• Mentored by Dr. Eddie Weller owner of Getting Weller and TIC for the TOR
• Active member at St. Isidore Catholic Parish
• Enjoys family time, working out with friends, working on the farm (physical labor)
• Hobbies include hiking and being outside, indoor and outdoor climbing, wood working, and being creative

Janice Betz

Office Manager

Is married to Hilbert Betz and is the mother of 6 children, one of which is Dr. Lindsey. We have lived in Schnellville for 30 years but I grew up in Ireland, Indiana. I was the secretary at St. Isidore Parish for 15 years before coming on board as the receptionist on the Restoring L.I.F.E. team.

I am a certified life coach and would be happy to talk with anyone as part of what the Restoring L.I.F.E. has to offer as part of holistic health.