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Lindsey was a chiropractic assistant and she would bring information and stories home like the U.S. spends more than any other country on drugs and surgeries, yet we are last when it comes to the health of the country. It didn’t make sense how a country that spends the most could be one of the sickest nations. Because drugs and surgeries don’t make people healthy. She also told miracle stories about men, women, and children that they tried the the drugs and surgery route, but their lives weren’t changed until going to the chiropractor. Drugs and surgery have a place in our sick care system (last resort) but we believe health care should start with chiropractic, specifically focusing on the top portion of the neck (upper cervical) where the brain connects to the entire body through the nerve system.

  • These stories fire me up for what I do because many people are being told lies that there is no other hope for them or that they are fine when they don’t feel fine.
  • Here at Restoring L.I.F.E. We believe there is still hope. God created our bodies to function optimally, but we live life and make choices that can knock us “out of whack” whether it is a trauma, toxic foods, or negative thoughts. It is our choices that tear us down in the past, but from now till the end our choices will build us up into the people God created us to be. We are made for more, God put us on this Earth for a purpose.

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