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Restoring L.I.F.E.


  • It all began when Lindsey was a chiropractic assistant, learning about the incredible success stories of the many clients she encountered. They truly seemed like miracles. Many of the clients did not have success with conventional medicine, but were helped immensely through chiropractic care. This inspired her to go to chiropractic school to help many people in a similar manner. Dr. Alex also decided to pursue his career in chiropractic to be able to care for his family and wife. 
  • While going through school, Lindsey began having dizziness. She found no help through chiropractic care, even when seeing the “best chiropractors” in the area. She was later introduced to an Upper Cervical doctor, Dr. Weller, who truly changed her life. Alex and Lindsey continue receiving upper cervical care and are now are able to help more people in a different way. 
  • Here at Restoring L.I.F.E. We believe there is still hope. God created our bodies to function optimally, but we live life and make choices that can knock us “out of whack” whether it is a trauma, toxic foods, or negative thoughts. It is our choices that tear us down in the past, but from now till the end our choices will build us up into the people God created us to be. We are made for more, God put us on this Earth for a purpose

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Patient Center

I began seeing Dr. Linne at Restoring Life shortly after she opened her office in Jasper. Having been a long-time patient of traditional chiropractic care, I found her approach to be new and interesting. Dr. Linne’s office atmosphere is warm and welcoming. I appreciate how her practices and procedures are carefully explained so that each patient knows exactly what to expect during each visit. Dr. Linne is extremely friendly, caring, and great with patients of all ages. She takes her time with her patients and listens to each concern. After each adjustment (if necessary), I love how Dr. Linne has her patients rest comfortably. I also love how she takes the time to work through tight muscles. For me, this has been incredibly helpful. If you are new to chiropractic or feel you haven’t been getting what you need from more traditional methods, I highly recommend you give Dr. Linne’s office a try.


I started going to Lindsey shortly after she opened her practice. I've been to chiropractors before, but usually I would just pop in when I felt like it was needed or when I was having issues.
I recently had a total right hip replacement in late November, due to an impingement and arthritis. Lindsey's treatment did help ease the pain I was in, however due to the severity of the arthritis, my only option was a total replacement. After my surgery I waited about 6 weeks before I came back to see Lindsey. Even after my surgery I was walking with a limp, partly because my muscles were not used to it from being in so much pain for so long. I also noticed that since my replacement I started to feel the arthritis more in my lower back, knees and shoulder. After just a few more treatments I felt amazing! Wow! What a difference she has made! I've suffered from migraines since I was a child and since seeing Lindsey I haven' t had one. I can tell when the month is about up, and I need another adjustment. As soon as I get up off the table, I feel wonderful and can walk without any, limps, aches or pains!

Thank you, Lindsey for helping me find comfort in my own body. Oh, and I just love the 15 minute "Siesta." It's the perfect ending and or beginning for the day! Blessings!


So your only going to adjust the first two vertebrae? Nervous system reset? I need to lay down in the back room after the adjustment? Skeptical at first, but so glad I pursued this form of chiropractic practiced by Lindsey and her husband Alex at Restoring L.I.F.E.!!

Who would have ever thought that adjusting the first two vertebrae would make such a difference in a person’s life? With only mild pressure applied to the neck while lying down on your side and laying down on your back in Restoring L.I.F.E.’s oh so relaxing back room, I kid you not, I felt like a child again. There is no twisting of the neck or the spine and every time I leave the office I feel great! Lindsey and all the staff at Restoring L.I.F.E. are all great and very informative. Despite Lindsey seeing multiple people, she makes you feel like you’re the only one she sees and is open to all questions that you may have and does her best to address what she can.

After a few initial tests and an x-ray, it was determined that my first two vertebrae were shifted to the left causing extra stress on my nervous system that I did not eve realize, just thought it was normal to feel the way I did. After a quick slight pressure to the cervical spine, that I might add is not painful at all, my sinuses quickly drained and I was taken to the back room where she had me lay down on a bed (recliners are available as well) so that my spine was in a neutral position. In the back room all you do is relax with calm music playing, dim lights, and under a blanket to allow your spine to rest, accept the adjustment, and work out the other kinks in your spine (nervous system reset). You can really feel your spine readjust itself while lying back there. I no longer get the sinus headaches like I used to or feel congested 24/7, and I gained so much energy after these adjustments. Also, what I found interesting was that I suffer from bowel discomfort symptoms similar to IBS, and after I would get adjusted those symptoms seemed to go away. However, as soon as I am out of alignment and I start getting those symptoms back along with excess fatigue, a headache, or stiff neck, I know it’s time for an adjustment. She has also helped me eliminate whiplash pain from almost hitting a deer, and other painful incidences as well through muscle tension release manual techniques.

This form of chiropractic is new and I’m ever so grateful Lindsey and her husband Alex are brining this into the area. I highly recommend visiting them to address your needs, as Lindsey has done so well with mine!

~ Extremely Grateful